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If you are a caregiver of an aging adult or aging yourself, Aging & Amazing provides a safe and encouraging online community. One of their supportive resources is Caregiver T.L.C. trainings, which we are featuring because we believe caregivers deserve all the support they can get!


Aging & Amazing, a virtual community devoted to celebrating family caregivers and professionals who support older adults, is offering free training called Caregiver T.L.C.:


Session 1: Strategies for Stress

The topic of this session is all about the management of stress. You’ll learn two valuable yet simple stress management tools you can use at any time.


Session 2: Dealing with the Blues

This session’s focus is on how to deal with common depressive symptoms that caregivers often experience.

Session 3: Bouncing Back

This session explores the concept of resilience in caregiving. 

Session 4: Filling the Well

 This session will explore the importance of self-care, focusing on 4 areas (spiritual, physical, mental, and social).  

Session 5: Coping with Frustration

This session emphasizes that frustration, and at times anger, are understandable emotions, but they can get in the way of successful caregiving. Caregivers will leave with strategies they can practice at home when frustration or anger becomes overwhelming.

Session 6: All By Myself

The focus of this session is on the loneliness and social isolation that are so common during this pandemic, along with recommended strategies for reducing them.

To take advantage of these
Caregiver T.L.C. trainings, contact

What is Aging & Amazing?

Aging & Amazing is a virtual community devoted to celebrating family caregivers and professionals who support older adults. It's a growing international online community with diverse members from all around the country.


This virtual community offers 24-hour access to resources as well as a safe place for members to engage, enlighten, and uplift their day. It is a safe space uninterrupted by other factors present on mainstream social media platforms. It is truly one of a kind! 

Community Perks

Members see this online community as the place to give, receive, and be Aging & Amazing in our current and ever-evolving community spaces! Members acknowledge the community as  “positive”, “uplifting,” and “supportive.” A few examples of community spaces are: Aging Enthusiasts, Caregiver Depot, Aging Care Corridor, and much more!


Enjoy a good laugh as an aging enthusiast by posting in Flashback Friday, or Make Some Noise to celebrate your wins, big or small. Family caregivers posting in the Caregiver Depot can also post in the Caregiver Huddle to get peer support or post their latest tips and tricks in Caregiver Hacks. The many spaces of the Aging Care Corridor feature valuable resources to be shared and a much-loved Podcast Passion space. This is only the beginning of the world the members unlock with their community membership! 

Next Steps

The Aging & Amazing Signature Community is also home to the evidenced-based training program, Caregiver Thrive Learn Connect (T.L.C.) which will be offered virtually as a complimentary community service to family caregivers caring for anyone with a chronic illness. Caregiver T.L.C. is scheduled to launch in the Aging & Amazing Signature Online Community this fall 2023. Ally Parker, Aging & Amazing Signature Online Community Manager, is the guide and expert in ensuring fun, innovative, informative virtual community and collaborations. They are currently in search of enthusiastic “Amazing Community Ambassadors,” which includes a complimentary membership. Memberships cost $11 per month, or $111 for the year! Join and become a member now! Location is not a factor. The Aging & Amazing Signature Online Community lives up to its name. Reach out to to learn more about Caregiver T.L.C. and their specific membership offerings or schedule a virtual tour! The only thing this community could be missing is you!


Check out this link for a sneak peek:

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