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eBook: Understanding The State Of Medical Marijuana Usage In Seniors


January 2020

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January 26, 2020 (Allen Park, Michigan) - Accredited Home Healthcare has published a free e-book entitled Understanding The State of Medical Marijuana Usage In Seniors. It was written for seniors and caregivers of seniors to facilitate discussion with medical oversight.

Marijuana or cannabis usage among seniors is on the rise: from 2006 to 2013, cannabis use among seniors increased by 250 percent.


This five-part e-book covers:

  • The trend of marijuana use in seniors

  • Barriers to open discussion with medical providers

  • Common uses of medical marijuana

  • Understanding the differences between marijuana/cannabis/THC/CBD/hemp

  • Common methods of consuming marijuana

  • Potential negative side effects of medical marijuana

Also available on Amazon, this e-book was published by the team at Accredited Home Healthcare Directory, a group of medical and non-medical caregivers and supporters of caregivers. Our main product is the Accredited Home Healthcare Directory.

The aim of is to provide a one-stop resource and starting point for those beginning to navigate the difficult task of providing care to loved ones. It provides information to caregivers regarding the importance of accreditation and its impact on quality hires, services, reimbursement, and oversight as well as help navigate important issues caregivers face. These issues include but are not limited to:

  • Available government programs and what they cover

  • Lesser-known services, such as home hospice

  • Care for aging pets

  • How to select the right home care or home healthcare provider

  • Answers to questions posed by caregivers through the site


The website makes all current accredited home care and home healthcare providers easy to find, arms the searcher with questions to ask when they conduct their first interviews, as well as provide answers to questions about caregiving for those who wish to age in place as long as possible.

To find a caregiver, click here. To learn more about the importance of accreditation, click here. To honor a nurse, click here.



About Accredited Home Healthcare Directory

Accredited Home Healthcare Directory and its partner,, seek to support caregivers and those needing care by providing resources as well as to connect them with home care and home healthcare accredited providers in their area. The website exclusively lists accredited providers who continually pass the quality checks accreditation requires.

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