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Help My Aging Parents

Mission: Help adult children plan ahead for the time when aging
parents will need assistance

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Are you becoming increasingly concerned about an aging relative, and are unsure what to do?

At some point in our lives we may start to notice subtle signs of deterioration with our aging parents (such as, forgetting routine activities, dents on the care, disheveled appearance, or change in mood). It is at such times we ask ourselves: When should I "step in" to offer help? How do I initiate the conversation with my parents and other family members? What should I be offering to do?


This period of time in our lives can be very stressful and cause disruption in the family. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, families wait until the aging parent experiences a medical crisis before stepping in. This is unfortunate, as so much can be done through proactive elder care planning for your parents!

Help My Aging Parents, located in Newton MA, provides face-to-face (in-person or online) consultations to help you to prepare to meet the needs of aging relatives. Help My Aging Parents is different from your typical elder care agency in that the goal is to proactively plan ahead before any major medical crises occur. Why is this so important? Being ready for when your parent(s) will need your assistance can be beneficial in multiple ways, including minimizing disruption at work and in your own life, reducing stress, gaining knowledge of local services and resources available to older adults, and being financially prepared for caregiving costs. Ultimately, knowledge is power and provides peace of mind. 


The consultation consists of a thorough, one-and-a-half hour assessment with the adult child/family. It includes an overview of the parent’s current situation, the major concerns, expectations for the future/roles of family members. From this consultation an action plan is developed based on current and future needs. The overall goal of this consultation is to determine the strengths within the family and how to best put them to use in order to ensure the parent’s needs and wishes are met.


Julie Norstrand, PhD, MSW, MSc, owner of Help My Aging Parents, believes "we as children of our aging parents have a moral responsibility to ensure that we maximize the quality of their lives giving them a meaningful and safe environment to grow old in." When working with clients, Julie does everything to promote the parent’s autonomy, independence, dignity, and ensures wishes are honored. 


Julie holds a PhD in Social Work with specialization in gerontology. Julie has worked in the field of gerontology for more than 15 years, including clinical work, research, and academia. Through her work she has gained expertise in the aging experience, including the physical, emotional, and cognitive changes that occur in older age in the context of today’s economic and social environment. All of this has given Julie tremendous in-depth knowledge of the constraints of the family when the older adult starts to require assistance in order to stay safely in their own home. 


Help My Aging Parents, LLC

Julie A Norstrand, PhD, MSW, MSc



Cell: 978 505 2468



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