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Miriam Ezagui is an RN who is also an Orthodox Jew. She educates medical professionals on how to honor their patients' Orthodox Jewish beliefs during treatment. She covers a wide variety of topics from birth to end-of-life care—no topic is off-limits! We encourage our medical professional readers to explore her channels and contact her with questions.


Meet Miriam Ezagui

Miriam is an RN, Orthodox Jew, Mother, Wife, AND Tik Tok Influencer. Her videos have garnered millions of views around the world. One of her goals is to educate medical professionals on ways they can honor their patients' religious beliefs while in their care.

She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, which has the largest population of Orthodox Jews outside of Israel.

"If you're in the medical field, your religious opinions and beliefs shouldn't come into care for an individual with different religious beliefs, medical professionals have to suspend judgment in order to provide care with compassion and empathy."

Miriam invites her followers into a conversation about what Orthodox Jews believe and why they take certain actions. She covers everything from birthing to end-of-life care. She has also addressed antisemitism and the holocaust (here, she is featured with her grandmother who is a Holocaust survivor.) She recently lost her other grandmother, prompting her to caution medical professionals to learn how to really honor religious convictions during end-of-life care.

You can reach her via the following channels:

Tik Tok:



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