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Have a special care-related service or product?

We welcome special care-related services or products to our site. Our directory only lists accredited home healthcare providers, but advertisers can be highlighted to our caregivers and those seeking care, in several ways. If you have any questions about the specifics in the packages below, please contact us.
You can pay with PayPal, Melio, or your credit card. If you do not have a PayPal or Melio account and instead wish to use a Credit Card, you can pay with a credit card securely through either PayPal or Melio using only your credit card. Simply choose the "No PayPal account" or "Pay With Credit Card" option on checkout and input your credit card. A PayPal or Melio account is not necessary.

Listing on Home Page

Listing on Career Page*

Article on Home Page

Social Media Campaign

SEO Press Release

Email To Mailing List

Interview Video






Advertising Options:

Listing On Home Page (AHHD)

Each package includes (if desired) a listing on the AccreditedHomeHealthcare.Directory home page, which gets the most traffic. This listing will include a link to the advertiser's website and information. It does not include a logo or custom color scheme.

*Listing On Career Page

Each package includes (if desired) a listing on the Nursemothercaregiver Career Page. This listing can include a link to the advertiser's website, career opportunity, and information. It can include a logo or custom color scheme.

Article On Home Page

Each package includes an article written by our marketing team, covering the advertiser and featuring any topic the advertiser feels is pertinent to our caregivers or those needing care. This article will be released on the AHHD website, published to our email list, and made available via social media.

Social Media Campaign

The Enhanced and Complete packages include a social media campaign across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram on a pertinent topic. Includes 1-10 posts on Instagram, 1-2 posts on LinkedIn, and 1-2 posts on Facebook.

SEO Press Release

The Enhanced and Complete packages include a press release and search engine optimization (SEO) on keywords important to the industry, advertiser, and topic.

Email Mailing

The Enhanced and Complete packages include an introductory email to our mailing list, which includes tracking results.

Interview Video

The Complete package includes a full interview video to be sent via all channels (e.g. social media, email, SEO, and more. Also available to the advertiser for full use.

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